Rio Kuroki

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A WATI biological systems employee, she met Damien Cavanaugh, who was also investigating the link tying the Static to DreamNet and to wipe out the glitches. Driven by the fact that the Static could be traced back to WATI (and thus lose their jobs,) and the threat it posed to human lives who depended on systems, they teamed up to find the source of the problem.

Eventually they stumbled upon the real purpose of Project Alchera to record and analyse the dreams of anyone who used a Dreamer console, and implant thoughts and even instructions in their minds.

Rio and Damien realized that they had to release their findings somehow, to expose WATIcorp's intentions, while protecting their identities and lives. They turned to Jericho and The Hand That Bites. They contacted Jericho in Casablanca and Rio agreed to meet with him in person. She brought with her a prototype Dreamer console as evidence. However, she was found dead by Zoe in Reza's apartment, connected to the Dreamer. She was probably killed by Alvin Peats', as one of his pet cats was seen leaving the apartment. It is known, however, that she did manage to meet with Jericho and contact Damien before she was murdered.

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