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''"I'll be here when you come back." ''- Reza
Zoë Maya Castillo's ex-boyfriend and close friend, '''Reza Temiz''' is a well-known and respected investigative journalist for The Hand That Bites, and is also known by his codename, "Jericho". Reza, like Zoë, has an English accent and an optimistic attitude. When it comes to his work, however, Reza is very serious, carefully protecting his sources and securing his material, and as such has an excellent journalistic reputation. He is also clearly very fond of Zoë. He is of Turkish origin. ==Dreamfall== Reza started investigating the Static, a topic that led him to JIVA, Venice and to WATI headquarters in WATI City. His work brought him into contact with Rio Kuroki and Damien Cavanaugh, who wanted his help exposing WATI's subterfuge concerning Project Alchera. Like Zoë, Reza owns a Watilla - his is a female model named Lucia. He is also very conscientious about his work, backing it up to a Notepad hidden in his safe. Reza disappeared after Rio came to visit him, bringing a prototype Dreamer Console - Zoë later found Rio dead in Reza's apartment, and is subsequently arrested by the EYE. When Zoë followed Reza's trail to Venice, Newport, she met Charlie who eventually guided her to the the Victory Hotel. While there, Zoë found a bloody handprint, and a blood trail with Reza's antique lighter at the end of it. Presumably the blood is Reza's, and no more evidence of him is found, though Zoë continues looking using the information Olivia DeMarco decrypts from his notepad. When Zoë meets Alvin Peats, he mockingly describes Reza's dreams to her, indicating that at some point, Reza was hooked to a Dreamer Console - it is unlikely that he did so voluntarily, given what he was told by Rio and Damien. Peats then tells Zoë that Reza is dead, gloating over it - "He went slowly, shrieking, bleeding, crying your name" - but she refuses to believe him. In the final scene of Dreamfall, Reza enters Zoë's hospital room, very much alive and whole, and asks her Gabriel Castillo, who greets him warmly, how she's doing. However, standing unseen and unheard nearby, Zoë warns her father to be careful, "that is not him". It is possible that Reza has been brainwashed by being hooked to a Dreamer console, and that this is what Zoë is referring to, because Alvin Peats told her earlier that he "ate" Reza's dreams. Given the fact that both Helena Chang and Alvin Peats claim he is dead, and from Zoë's comments at the end, Reza's true fate is unknown. == Etymology == In Turkish 'Rıza' means "will", a common male name, and 'temiz' means "clean" also riḍā Arab. 'to please God'; temīz Arab. 'discernment between right and wrong' == Dreamfall Chapters == {{SpoilersDFC}} FileReza-Temiz-DFC.png"Reza" working on a console in Propast While inside Storytime, Zoë notices that Reza frequently visits and speaks to her comatosed self, telling her that he is sorry for getting her involved and talks about them giving their relationship another shot if she ever wakes up. Zoë has started to trust him again, but, though she is not sure where it came from, she still can't help but remember the strong feeling of distrust she had the first time she saw him after his disappearance, and she sometimes still gets a strange hunch that Reza just isn't himself. When Zoë awakes from her coma, Reza is working in Europolis for a news organization called The Hand That Feeds. The editor is Sully, also Reza's best friend. Zoë goes to live with Reza and they get back together, moving in to a small flat in the Sonnenschein Plaza. ruРеза Темиз CategoryDreamfall CategoryCharacters CategoryStark CategoryDreamfall Characters CategoryDreamfall Chapters Characters