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Red Thread Games was formed in late 2012 when Ragnar Tornquist left Funcom with a view to finally making Dreamfall Chapters, a sequel to ''Dreamfall'' (2006) and further games in ''The Longest Journey Saga''. He brought with him other TLJ and DF veterans, and later partnered with http// Blink Studios, itself formed by Funcom and TLJ veterans. The studio and its first project were funded by personal investment, an injection by the Norwegian government and a Kickstarter campaign.

Red Thread received a further grant from the Norwegian Film Fund to begin work on ''Draugen'', a first person horror adventure set in 1920's Norway.

Beyond these games, Red Thread hope to make more games in the TLJ saga, as well as games with good stories for Windows and iOS platforms.

* ''Dreamfall Chapters'' (November 2014)
* ''Draugen'' (November 2014)
* ''The Longest Journey Home'' (201?)

==The Team==
*Ragnar Tornquist- creator, designer & writer
*Dag Scheve - writer
*Martin Bruusgaard - lead designer
*Rakel Johnsen - producer
*Quintin Pan - programmer
*Audun Tørnquist - programmer
*Hans Kristian Andersen - 3D character artist
*Rikke Fjeld Jansen - artist
*Eivind Andvig - 3D character animator
*Morgan Sandbæk - 3D artist, environment and props
*Morten Nøst - programmer
* Christoffer Grav - Illustrator/Graphic Designer
===Blink Studios===
*Christer Sveen - art director
*Kjetil Hjeldnes - technical director
*Eigil Jarl Halse - technical director
*Sigbjørn Galåen - artist

==External Links==
* http// Red Thread Games - official site
* http// Red Thread Games - Twitter feed
* https// Red Thread Games - Facebook page

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