A faction that opposes the Azadi expansion into the Northlands. Many of the Rebels belong to the magical races disenfranchised by the Azadi, as do many of the Rebel sympathizers in Marcuria (though some are human, like Benrime Salmin). While not as numerous or zealous as the Azadi, the fact the Rebels use magic puts them on a near-equal footing militarily.

The Rebels operate from a Swamp City in the swamplands, which is only accessible by a hard-to-navigate sea route and doubles as a refugee camp for those fleeing the Azadi. Though they have plenty of weapons, the Rebels are short on supplies, food and medicines, necessitating a journey to Marcuria to fetch them. The de facto leader of the Rebels is a woman named Kara, whom April describes as the closest thing they have to a mayor. April is also, apparently, respected as a leader within the Rebels, though this may be due to her fighting prowess and her status amongst the magical races. The Azadi fear her reputation, although they know her as a man named the Scorpion.

Other notable members of the Rebels include
* Brynn
* Chawan
* Na'ane
* the Captain
* Ulvic
* Likho
* Shepherd
* Enu
* Blind Bob