Rain Conversation

The so-called Rain Conversation is a piece of cut content from Dreamfall, a conversation between Zoe Castillo and Gabriel Castillo that presumably (due to the weather) takes place in Newport. Several players have reported hearing it. However, most other players have been unable to activate it themselves and even players who have heard it have been unable to replicate it on replays. It adds a much needed context to Gabriel's conversation when Zoë returns to Casablanca (he refers to their "last conversation").

During an interview, Ragnar Tornquist had a comment on the Rain Conversation

'''Q A few players of DF claim to have activated the now infamous "Rain Conversation" in Venice between Gabriel and Zoë where he asks if it's raining in Casablanca. This gives the conversation upon her return to Casablanca (where he mentions their "last conversation") some much-needed context, given that he says that whether you hear the Rain Convo or not. Does it actually appear in-game, and if so how is it activated?'''

'''Ragnar''' It was supposed to be in the game. It's actually a glitch, and the person responsible has been chastised. Repeatedly. With a sharp stick.
== Rain Conversation ==

G Gabriel Z Zoë

Z Hello?

G Zoë? It's me. Where are you?

Z Dad? I'm...out walking.

G Is it raining there?

Z Uh, no, I'm in a store. They've got this annoying ambient soundtrack. Are you still in Bombay?

G I am. Listen, I got a strange call from someone. He said he was with the EYE, and he asked me about Reza. What's going on, Zoë?

 '''BE HONEST'''

Z Reza's disappeared, and the EYE's after him.

G What? Why?

Z Some story he's working on... It's all bullshit, he hasn't done anything wrong. He's being framed, Dad.

G Be careful. You don't want to get on the Syndicate's bad side. If Reza contacts you--


Z I don't know, Dad. Did he say anything else?

G It appears he's wanted for questioning in connection with a crime. Have you spoken with him?

Z Not since Thursday afternoon.

G Still, Zoë, be careful. You don't want to mess with the Syndicate. If Reza contacts you--

Z I'm not going to betray him. He's my friend.

G I'm not asking you to betray him. Like I said, just be careful. I know Reza wouldn't want you to get into any trouble because of him.

Z *sigh* Okay.


G Good. Will you be all right? Do you want me to come home?

Z No! No, there's, uh, there's no need to come home, Dad. I'm fine. I mean, what could possibly happen to me here in Casablanca?


 G Well, it seems I'll need to stay here for a while. The evaluation's taking longer than expected, and there are some...complications.

 Z That's okay. Stay as long as you need to. I'm keeping myself busy.

G All right, sweetheart. I'm late for a meeting. Take care, I'll talk to you soon.

Z Love you, Dad.

G I love you, too. Bye.

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