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'''Queenie''' is a character who lives in Europolis. She is a very important figure in the Chinese community of the city and seems to have a lot of influence there, so it's no wonder that the Unity Party of Lea Umińska wants to have her on its side in terms of the coming election. Zoe is ordered to speak to her in this matter.

Though Queenie admits she hates compromises like the Unity Party represents them, she is skeptical of the other parties as well. She is willing to give the Social democrats a chance, but only if they prove that they really care for the people. Hence, she asks Zoë to look for Hanna Roth.

"Queenie" seems to be a nickname or honorary title given her in the community. She says she left her original name behind and has been spending the second half of her life correcting the mistakes she made in the first. For her, a name is something you can leave behind if it does not suit you anymore.

At the end of Dreamfall Chapters, in Book Five Redux, it can be speculated that Queenie's real name is possibly Rose, as Saga will comment on a floating teacup she owns, that is similar to that of Queenie's.

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