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= The Longest Journey}}{{TemplateQuote, Q'aman see what be wrong. The Orlowol not shed its shell when time come, and now it be stuck in the shell.'aman}}The 'Quiet Giant' who lives on Alais, Q'aman used to live with the Orlowol, but was banished from their village because he accidentally stepped on one of them. He was depressed by this because the fishing near the Orlowol village was the best on the island, and he decided to go to sleep for a month. Unfortunately, he chose to sleep next to one of the 'speaking statues' left on Alais by the Dolmari, and the resonance from his snoring shook the island.

April manages to wake him, and enlists his help in removing a trapped Orlowol from its shell. The Orlowol then permit Q'aman to move back into their village, which cheers him up considerably, especially after April gives him an old candy wrapper to use as a fishing lure.

Q'aman was born in Corasan and later became famous as the "World's Strongest Man" working in the Circa there. However, one day the Khalef and his son wished him to show them his most impressive performance - breaking of a large rock with his fist - but didn't give him enough time to prepare. As a result, the Khalef's son was injured and Q'aman had to flee the country, otherwise the Khalef would've had him executed. He got on a ship south and jumped into the sea when it passed Alais. That's how he ended up on the isle.

Q'aman is voiced by Frank Rivers.

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