'''Propast''' (''"Abyss"'' in Czech) is a part of the Prague District of Europolis, and it is where Zoë Maya Castillo and Reza Temiz start living together when Zoë recovers from her coma.

Baruti Maphane says he likes Propast because of its rich history and because he believes it is a barometer for Europolis as a whole.

== Sites ==

Seshadri-Tower.png|Seshadri Tower
Nela-Bites.png food stall
Sonnenschein-Plaza.png|Sonnenschein Plaza apartment block
House-Of-Dreams.png|Madame Nyx's dream den
TheCollective.png|The Collective
Chapterseyeentrance.png Headquarters 
Chaptersgraffiti.png.png.png.png.png|Pandemonium workshop
Seraph-Kavarna.png pub and metabrewery
Chapterschinatown.png, including Queenie's riverboat

== People ==
* Zoë Maya Castillo
* At the The Hand That FeedsReza Temiz, Sully and Sofia
* Queenie
* Mira and Wit
* Roman Zelenka
* Nela Vlček
* Baruti Maphane
* Falk Friedman
* Mr. London

== Map ==

== Etymology ==
propast Czech 'abyss', Serbian 'ruin'

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