Prologue Tainted

=== Summary ===

FileBrian Dreamfall cell.pngmonastery in the nineteen thirties where a man, Brian Westhouse, is finishing a journal entry. He writes that he is at a crossroads, on the brink of following a path into "a place of shadows". But he is resolved to his path, and has decided to leave his journal in case it can help someone else. The Superior Lama arrives to fetch him, and leads him into a circular room with a large dais where a ritual is almost at its peak.

While he is waiting, Brian can overhear a conversation between two monks. They are whispering that he is open, eager, perfect; saying that "the undreaming will be unleashed, and it will -" At this point they realise he is listening, and fall silent. Brian has no chance to question them as the ritual is now ready. Barefoot, he steps onto the dais. As the monks pray, Brian is lifted off his feet, and his body jerks as blue energy runs from his mouth, eyes and hands.

The scene fades to an eerie, icy Storytime which seems to be in perpetual twilight. The only feature in the landscape is a withered tree, where a strange man - the Vagabond - is keeping watch over a campfire. Brian appears out of nowhere, and gets a harsh introduction to the Vagabond, who tells him to leave and go back the way he came, before asking "What have you done?" Brian is too disorientated to understand what he is talking about, but is understandably terrified when a black mass, which the Vagabond names the Undreaming, begins to issue from the sky and come towards him. As the Vagabond watches, Brian stumbles and the Undreaming begins to engulf him.

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===Themes and References===

* It is uncertain as to what in this chapter the term "Tainted" applies. Is it because Brian tainted by the Undreaming? Or is the Storytime itself tainted by Brian or the Undreaming?
* For some reason, despite writing in the 1930s, Brian is using a quill pen.

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