Prologue (Dreamfall Chapters)

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= Dreamfall Chapters = 20160621215108 1.jpg = A sad opening}} Dreamfall Chapters' Prologue takes place immediately after the proceedings of Dreamfall. An eight year old cliffhanger is resolved only to raise an entirely new barrage of questions. == Summary == {{SpoilersDFC}} FileCliffhangerresolved.png... yet still not appreciated by the fans... A burial is shown in Swamp City, Arcadia. April Ryan's body has been retrieved and is being set alight in a boat by Likho while onlookers – among them Na'ane and Balsay Bachim, yet probably also Brynn and Chawan – watch in silence. A Dolmari boy sings an elegy. Seemingly at the very same time, a baby is born in the House of All Worlds. An excited Magnus hears the first cry through a closed door. Unbeknownst to him, some kind of vortex appears in the living room, similar to the portals Shifters use. {{DFC Chapters}} ruПролог (Dreamfall Chapters) CategoryDreamfall Chapters CategoryChapters