A liquid used in magic. They are usually mixed by Alchemists and are either consumed or used on objects to affect them.

==The Longest Journey==

April uses Roper Klacks' laboratory to create five different potions, which come in handy during her journey
* Invisibility Potion
* Wind Potion
* Light-As-A-Leaf Potion
* Explosive Potion
* Magic Binding Potion

== Dreamfall ==

Roper Klacks now sells potions from his market stall. However, possibly due to the interventions of the Azadi, they now more closely resemble chemicals or medicines rather than magic potions. His wares include
* Iron-B-Gone (actually acid strong enough to dissolve an iron bar)
* Knock-U-Out (comes in 'tossable' or 'drinkable'! The 'tossable' form closely resembles a smoke bomb)
* Bed-E-Bye (Klacks describes this as a 'perennial favourite'; this is an edible sleeping potion which is odourless and tasteless)

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