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A framed Picture of April, Emma and Charlie at Florence Park, taken by Emma's friend Marcus. April keeps it on her bedside table. Although she can pick up the photograph and take it with her, it is never used in any in-game puzzles - although it originally formed part of a puzzle which was removed. http//groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.adventure/browse_thread/thread/789a1c2ca79f3aef/3b2d89e27f043878?pli=1/ According to Ragnar

"''Yup, the photo indeed serves no discernable purpose in the game, although once upon a time, it did. I won't go into it, but it was part of a highly convoluted -- and quite awful -- puzzle, involving, I seem to recall (quite badly), a beaver, two mittens, and a urine sample. But then again...I could be wrong.''

"''The photo stuck, however. As such things tend to do.''"

Obtained from April's bedroom in the Border House.

The picture returns in ''Dreamfall''. Zoe Castillo retrieves it from inside the wardrobe in April's old room, identifying it as an "old videograph". When she recognises Charlie, whom she has just met at the Fringe, she shows it to him and he points out April to her.

It is unclear whether this picture is intended to be the same picture that appeared in TLJ. If it is, that presents some continuity issues, as it is likely that most players had April collect the picture. A possible explanation is that the game designers made a decision that in the "canon" continuity, April did not pick up the picture.

However, it is possible that this is intended to be a different picture. Close examination of the picture reveals several significant differences with the picture from TLJ. In this picture, April is wearing an outfit she originally wore for the TLJ box art, still visible on the official website. She is also now situated in the middle, with Emma taking her place on the left. Charlie keeps his place on the right, but has now added a jacket. As well as all of this, the setting has changed Florence Park seems to have become the lounge at the Fringe Cafe. A possible explanation is that the picture belongs to Marcus, who took the picture at a different time from the picture in TLJ. 

Obtained from April's old wardrobe.ruФотография
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