Patches (TLJ)

==The Longest Journey Remastered (iOS)==
===Version 1.0.7 (17/11/2014)===
* Miscellaneous bug and stability fixes
===Version 1.0.6 (27/10/2014)===
* Exclusive intro and outro by Ragnar Tornquist
* New font
===Version 1.0.3 (10/09/2014)===

==2CD/DVD/Steam versions==
===Version 161===
* Fixed a crash on dual-core machines
* Added a configuration tool
* Fixed CDROM detection code. On the Steam version, this allows you to play without loading Steam.
* Fixed a crash in the loading screen
===Version 160===
* A number of fixes to font handling for Russian version.
* Bugfixes
* New default savegame location.
* Setup dialog is now skipped by default
* Vista compatibility
** sound engine upgrade
** support for multiple user accounts
** runs as restricted user (installation requires admin rights)
===Version 157===
* Fixes a crash at the altar in chapter 7.
===Version 156===
* Fixes a bug where savegames would not load properly, resulting in closed doors and other ways to get stuck.
===Version 155===
* Resolved a Windows 98 compatability issue with save games.
===Version 154===
* Fixed a crash related to stick figure animations in the swedish release.
* Fixed a problem with savegames that couldn't be loaded.
* Fixed an issue with the game freezing after loading a savegame.
* When you are saving in the Temple, you will no longer get stuck because of the closed doors.
===Version 153===
* Fixed Graphics FX setting in options screen.
* Removed deprecated WBuffer support.
* Removed crash after FMV due to speed-related bug in bink.
* Fixed a pathfinding problem where April could get stuck in a tree.
* Fixed two cases where the game would crash when played without a sound card.
* Prevented another crash that would happen after FMV sequences.
* Fixed a couple of glitches in background sounds.
* Fixed an animation-related crash when loading certain saves.
* In later chapters, when you come back to the market stalls and they are deserted, there will not be voices in the background.
===Version 152===
* Fixed a bug that meant the game could get stuck when sitting on the bench and looking at the monkey.
===Version 151===
* Fixed a bug that would frequently make the game crash after saving.
===Version 150===
* Fixed a bug where an object at the police station got render into an invalid directx memory location. 
* Fixed a potential crash in the voice code.
===Version 149===
* Fixed a crash related to sounds when saving the game.
===Version 148===
* Fixed some sound problems

==4CD version==
===Version 142===
* Fixed a problem with certain older video-cards where the game locked up when you walk up the stairs to the police-station in Newport

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