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= Dreamfall Chapters}} '''Pandemonium''' is Mira and Wit's workshop, located in a now abandoned garage in Propast, Europolis. Depending on the player's Chapter One Adrift, it is one of the possible places where Zoë Maya Castillo can get a job. == Trivia == * Pandemonium was the name of the capital of Hell in ''http// Paradise Lost'' (lit. Gr. 'place of all demons'), and Zoë comments on it by quoting the message above the entry to the Inferno in Dante's ''http// Divine Comedy'' "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." * Mira and Wit do not seem to be particularly good at spelling ** The entry door panel grants "accsess". ** The jukebox in the interior misspells composer "Pachelbel" as "Pachenbel". ** Although the graffiti sign on the garage door seems to read "Pandemoneum", the second e letter actually is an i – it's just that the font makes it look rather similar to e.ruПандемониум CategoryLocations CategoryDreamfall Chapters CategoryEuropolis CategoryDreamfall Chapters Locations