The Orlowol are a race of crab-like folk who live on the beach of Alais. They wear hard shells, like hermit crabs. When April meets one, it is struggling to get out of its shell because it has become too tight. Although the Orlowol do try to communicate with April, she can't understand them as they don't speak Na'ven. However, Q'aman, the Quiet Giant, says the language of the Orlowol is easy to understand; "it is just 'click' and 'clack' and 'clock'".

Although Q'aman used to live with the Orlowol, they asked him to leave because he almost killed one of the Orlowol by treading on its shell. However, when he helps free the stranded Orlowol, they allow him to come back to live and fish on the cliff above the village where he is not a danger to the Orlowol. The Orlowol seem to be a primitive people who spend most of their time on the beach or in the ocean, unlike the Stickmen who live in the jungle or the Alatien who live on the highest regions of the island.

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