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Proprietor of Alien The Cat, a technology store in Casablanca, Olivia (or simply 'Liv') is Zoë Castillo's "best friend". Like the Castillos, the Abazas, and Casablanca itself, Olivia has a Spanish name, not to mention her frequent use of the greeting "Hola!". This indicates the close ties the North African city has with the Iberian Peninsula. Her facial markings are reminiscent of those favoured by Berber women, and she may have a mixed ancestry. She also displays at least a basic understanding of Amharic, as she greets her Ethiopian contact in his native language.

Liv's shop specialises in refurbished bots and Watillas. She also builds customised software such as the cloaking program that hides Zoë's mobile from the EYE and, more importantly, a program to hack electronic equipment. She might also be involved in the black market of disabling objects from the Wire, a process mentioned in the manual for ''Dreamfall''.

Olivia is happy to share her knowhow with Zoë, whether it's how to repair a broken Watilla or disable a security Spider. She is also concerned about Reza Temiz's disappearance, and volunteers her help, taking on the decryption of the high-level security protocols on Reza's notepad. Her discoveries guide Zoë back onto Reza's trail, leading her from Newport to WATI City. She essentially takes the role of Zoë's troubleshooter whenever she needs advice on technology.

Interference from the Static forces Olivia to use secure EYE channels to speak to Zoë in Japan, and her knowledge of the events Zoë is investigating also put her in harm's way. At the end of Dreamfall, Olivia has closed her store and gone into hiding, though she tells Zoë not to worry and that she can take care of herself.

In Dreamfall Chapters, the player learns that Olivia died in an '"accident", though it is implied that she was actually assassinated by WATICorp for knowing too much.

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