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==The Longest Journey==
The Northlands includes all the lands north of the Great Ocean and south of the Border Mountains, from the city of Tyren in the west to the the Bay of Fire in the east, among them the states of Ayrede, Tyren, and Corasan, the Plains of Nehdrah and Riverwood. Marcuria, the capital of the Ayrede, is often called the "jewel of the Northlands". Previously, the term was used to describe the entire continent it is located on. People from outside the Northlands often still use the old meaning of the term.

At the end of TLJ Tyren was about to invade Marcuria, and perhaps beyond as well.

Shortly after the occupation by Tyren the Azadi arrived in Marcuria to oust them. They have remained there for the past 10 years, and made further incursions into the Northlands. They patrol Riverwood, but the Rebels contest them for control of this area. Corescent appears to remain independent of Azadi control, but their designs seem to include it Ayredan governess Sister Sahya is known as the Emissary to the Northlands.

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