== The Longest Journey ==

The setting for most of the events in Stark, Newport is a large 23rd century city on the west coast of North America. April writes in her diary that she's excited about moving to the 'big city'.

ImageNewportTowers.jpg's towers Newport is a city of high technology and low morals, that owes a lot to the cyberpunk film and literature genre. The NPD are sponsored by a Bingo! company, automated roadblocks keeps the streets in order, and on the Newport Docks, anyone can buy anything for the right price from Burns Flipper. There are many diverse religions in Newport, including the Cult of Manu and the Vanguard's cover, the Church of Voltec, which, behind the scenes, wields unprecedented power. Jacob McAllen, The White Cardinal, boasts that he owns the city. But there are good people here too, including Cortez, Warren Hughes and Father Raul, the priest at the Hope Street Cathedral.

It is an important place. As Fiona says "I think Newport is one of the great cities of our age. Love it or hate it, you can't argue with that." Cortez tells her that it also has a special destiny. "This city has power, April. Not magic, but the opposite of magic. And it draws people to it like flies to an open fire. All the pieces of the puzzle come together here. You, me, the Vanguard, the Guardian...".

April gets around the city using the run-down Metro Line.
== Locations ==

A bustling metropolis, Newport has several notable locations
* Grendel Avenue
* Hope Street
* Mercury Theatre
* Metro Circle
* Newport Docks
* Venice

==   Dreamfall   ==

The Collapse hit Newport hard, and, according to Charlie, Venice worst of all. Though we don't see the rest of the city aside from Venice, it's likely to be in a similar state with homeless people and gangs on the streets.

There are still some super-rich, as Marcus, likely living on Grendel Avenue, many of whom frequent the Fringe Cafe, but without its lucrative shuttle port and no colonies to ship the disaffected to, the population will continue to suffer. With many of its tech industries taken down by the Collapse, Newport is in a bad way.


==Inspirations ==
Ragnar has since confirmed in a http// blog post that the geographical location of Newport is entirely made up

''a (currently) non-existent urban sprawl covering parts of the Pacific Northwest, perhaps including (without being too geographically specific) present day Seattle and Vancouver (thus the steady rainfall and lack of sunshine, although these factors have obviously been negatively affected by global environmental changes, part of the back story that wasn’t really touched)''

As for visual inspiration, Ragnar said in a http// Reddit AMA comment ; "''Newport was VERY influenced by years of living in the East Village in New York. It IS basically the East Village, a place I love dearly''although in the http// livestream (60933) he said that only the Venice part is based on East Village while the rest of Newport is based on different parts of America.ruНьюпорт
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