Also Alltongue

Na'ven is the common language of Arcadia. It is spoken by almost all the races and people April encounters, with the exception of the Maerum and the Orlowol (and possibly the Venar other than Abnaxus, and the "tongue of the trees" - "wood, root and leaf"). April learns Na'ven from Vestrum Tobias Grensret, only by listening to him speak. Once she is finally able to understand him, Tobias says April has allowed "the magic to guide her ears and her tongue", and she can now speak and understand Alltongue.

For some reason, Zoe Castillo is able to immediately understand Na'ven upon her arrival in Arcadia.

Na'ven seems to have some words related to Latin.


These are some phrases from Tobias before April understands him. The meaning of each phrase is below them
;''E tu? E milye tue v?''
Who are you? Where are you from?
;''Ne? Tu van'sath ken? Tu vu ken a--allar, e tue Stark milye? E Thiera? Ton, maris. Ton!''
No? You don't want to answer me? You don't look like a.. wait, are you from Stark? A Shifter? Listen to me, child, listen!
;''A ku, Stark ka'yen paras! Ie nomalanate kandra! Ton, maris; ore thies e ton!''
Ah, someone from Stark! I'm pleasantly surprised! Listen to me, my child; sharpen your ears and listen well!
;''Ken e sank, maris ortana! Majik'ean posei e ton. Sare al'voca im iriam tue ith'im.''
Be quiet, foolish child. Magic only works when you listen to it. Let my voice enter 'your mind'.
;''Ton, ken e sank.''
Listen and be quiet.
;''Sank'is tue, ton'an tu ken al'voce, e majik'kan'ean ton'an'a sans.''
If you talk, you'll never hear what I have to tell you, and magic doesn't work without listening.
;''Tu ton'e e ken. Tu ken vernelea'n fata tim tu vermelea'n ton.''
You don't listen. You won't start to understand until you learn to listen.
;''A ku, tu fata? Se quandare, ken e stal'e. Ton!''
Ahh, you understand? Then act upon it, don't dawdle. Listen!
;''Ton, ken e tue iriam bab simil quakit'e.'' Listen, don't just stand there like a 'chicken without a head'.
;''A ku, kande'e. Good. Niran'ton al'voce. Sank'al koda magic, toranc'e shaal'e. Na'ven, Alltongue.'' Mostly in Na'ven Ah, good. Good. Listen to what I say. I speak the language of magic, the tongue of the soul. Na'ven, the magic language (Alltongue). ;''Tu post'ke payencenia, maris. Ko, areb al'ken tu indime res templa sans vernema a Na'ven.'' You don't have patience, child. Go, but I can't let you leave the temple without knowledge of the magic language (Na'ven).
;''Al'orta'e beginning prasam'tin'y y you. You have thiesa y magic'e'sara, y the knowledge aertiu'a y tue through generations e umani, knowledge of Alltongue.'' Partly in Na'ven My words are becoming more understandable (beginning to reach you ?). You have opened yourself for the sound of magic, the knowledge has been carried on to you through many generations, the knowledge of the magic language (Alltongue).
;''Maris, tu vernelea'n aran tue toranc'e lok, e ton!'' Child, you have to learn to shut up and listen! ;''Tue eres tue mon trak e ton, tu'et vermelea'n fata.'' If you are able to be quiet and listen, you will understand! ;''Majik'e ken'ean sane tue toranc'e lok, maris!'' The magic won't work unless you shut up, child! ==Vocabulary== We can extrapolate some meaning to words *e "and" (Latin et) *tu, tue "you, thee" (Latin tu) *milye "come from" *ne? "no?" (Latin ne, non) *ken might be a negative like "not" *Thiera Shifter or Traveler. But Earth is also possible (Latin Terra). *ton! "listen" *maris "child" or "girl", that's what Tobias calls April. *sank "talk" *ortana "foolish, stupid" *majic "magic" *sans "without" (French sans) *ean "work" *posei "can" (aux. verb) (Latin possum) *voce, voca "voice" (Latin vox, voc-) *vernelea'n "learn" (might be interexchangable with vermelea'n) *vermelea'n "start, will" *fata "understand" *a ku "ah" (expression) *kande'e "good" *koda "language" *toranc'e "tongue" *shaal'e "soul" *payencenia "patience" *templa "temple" (Latin templum) *vernema "knowledge" *Drachkin Dragon *Istrum novice *Minstrum ordained monk *Vestrum the leader of the Sentinel at any one time ruНа'вен CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryDreamfall CategoryConcepts CategoryLanguages