'''Newport Police Department'''

A subdivision of the Bokamba/Mercer and Bingo! corporations, in co-operation with MTI (according to the original TLJ site's entry on the Screen). Therefore while not obviously run by the Vanguard, there are several hints to imply that the NPD is heavily influenced by them. Jacob McAllen tells April that the Vanguard "owns Newport", and the entry for the Church of Voltec in the NPD archives is carefully protected.

ImageExoskeleton concept.png, officer. © Funcom
Frank Minelli is staking out the Mercury Theatre in wait for Cortez when April goes there to find him. During their discussion in the Border House, Gordon Halloway implies that Minelli was punished by them for allowing April to access sensitive information in the police archives. He also mentions that Minelli has been useful to them in the past.

Uniformed NPD officers usually carry heavy weapons and wear exoskeletal armour to protect them from the rigours of life on the street. The armour is powerful but can be shorted out in some circumstances.

Employees of the NPD include Minelli, Sgt Russel Franco, Sgt Ricky Mahoney, Sgt Maria Hernandez, Sgt Morty Lode, Sgt Anthony MacDonald, the 'Gay Cop', the 'Actor Cop' and the Front Desk Sergeant. It is uncertain if the Fat Repairman are employees of the NPD or outside contractors.ruПолицейский Департамент Ньюпорта
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