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{{DISPLAYTITLEMusic of ''Dreamfall''}}ImageDreamfall_OST_Cover.png, 2006. 
The score of ''Dreamfall'' was composed by http// Leon Willett with additional contributions. 

== The Official Soundtrack CD release ==
An original soundtrack release was available June 13th, 2006, comprising the following tracks. 

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== Even 'Magnet' Johansen ==
''Dreamfall'' also features four songs by rock musician http// Even 'Magnet' Johansen, of which 'Nothing Hurts Now' is the easiest to catch. Magnet's music also formed part of a promotional EP. The songs are included on an extra CD that comes with the ''Dreamfall Limited Edition''. It was also released at retail in Norway, and can still be ordered http// online.

'Be With You' was composed specifically for the game. The other songs are from other Magnet albums; 'My Darling Curse' and 'Nothing Hurts Now' can be found on Magnet's album ''On Your Side'' (2003), and 'The Pacemaker' on the album ''The Tourniquet'' (2005).
* Be With You
* My Darling Curse
* The Pacemaker
* Nothing Hurts Now 

== Availability of the Soundtrack ==
The official, physical CD release of the game's score is difficult to acquire these days. Ebay and Amazon marketplace might still be good sources. In the meantime, the soundtrack has become available in different form. A purchase of the ''Dreamfall'' game on, for example, comes with the entire score exactly as found on CD. 

The soundtrack was also released by Funcom on iTunes for https// digital download, on June 7th, 2006.  

== Trivia ==
* After seven minutes of silence, the last CD track "Faith" plays a hidden message. The music at the beginning of track 22 is just about 240 long, while the entire track takes 932 to complete. 
* Some players have tried to interpret the track title "Lana & Maud" as names of ''Dreamfall'' characters (namely the twins). However, this is just a third track by composer Simon Poole – who uses his online identity "slipperhero" here. Music and title track likely predate the ''Dreamfall'' project.http// RTG forum - clarification from Ragnar 
* "Lana & Maud (edit)" is also used during ''Dreamfall Chapters'' and can be heard in front of the "White Swallow"/"Pub Lick" clubs in Propast. 
== References ==

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