Murals of the Balance

''"The Sentinel Minstrum committed this these temple walls, thousands of years ago, so that coming generations could learn and understand their past and their future...It is through these images that I will recount our common history to you, April Ryan."'' - Vestrum Tobias
The Murals of the Balance are a series of paintings on the walls of the Temple of the Balance in Marcuria that tell the story of how the Divide was created. According to Vestrum Tobias Grensret, they were painted by the Sentinel Fathers thousands of years ago, to preserve their teachings and pass the story on to coming generations. There are four distinct paintings on the walls ImageMural tower.png 1. The first is of a tower with a several men in front of it, who appear to be performing some sort of ritual. There also seem to be two celestial bodies in the sky, which may indicate either an eclipse of some sort or two moons or suns in the pre-Divide world. Tobias uses this image to teach April about the time before the Balance, when both worlds were one and humans had free access to both science and magic. Tobias describes it as the power "to make stars dance and even to create life itself". He returns to this picture to illustrate the act of the Divide. {{clr}} ImageMural doomsday.png 2. The second shows a catastrophe. There is a storm in the sky full of greenish light, not unlike the Chaos Vortex, and the ground is splitting into an enormous fissure. People are tumbling into the abyss, screaming, and trying to escape. Tobias tells April that Humankind misused their great power, and put themselves in terrible danger, inviting Chaos to overcome them - according to Tobias, such a thing had happened to other worlds and it would happen again on Earth. Suspiciously enough, the chaotic force on the mural looks incredibly similar to the swirling clouds around the Azadi Tower by the end of Dreamfall. {{clr}} ImageMural sentinel.png 3. The third painting shows a group of thirteen monks. This represents the original creators of the Balance; six scientists, six magicians, and the member of the Draic Kin who founded the Sentinel. One carries a staff similar to that carried by Tobias, and another a large book. The woman who became the Guardian is not depicted. Tobias tells April that the Kin revealed themselves to Humanity, amongst whom they had been hiding, and guided Mankind in the creation of the Divide to save them from destroying themselves. {{clr}} ImageMural guardian.png 4. The final Mural is a stylised painting of the Guardian, although the figure is androgynous. On either side of the Guardian is the symbol of the Balance, one coloured blue to represent Stark, the other coloured orange to represent Arcadia. This painting represents the status quo that has persisted for thousands of years. {{clr}} When April is preparing to leave Marcuria on her sea journey to Alais, she comes to the Temple to say goodbye to Tobias. He is standing by the Murals in a sombre, contemplative mood. It is here that he tells April she is the Thirteenth Guardian, presents her with the Talisman of the Balance, and wishes her well on her journey. === Trivia === ImageKin mural.png ImageMural kin.png In an early trailer for TLJ the mural of the Tower (Fig. 1) featured one of the Kin below it; presumably the Kin responsible for forming the Sentinel. Intriguingly, it seems to most resemble the Mother. ruФрески Баланса CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryArcadia CategoryBooks