Mulled Wine

= Mulled Wine
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= Created in Journeyman Inn
= Dreamfall}}Blind Bob and Brian Westhouse's beverage of choice, mulled wine is a speciality of the Journeyman Inn. Benrime Salmin makes it with Mrs Mullins' Mixed Spices. The normal ingredients of mulled wine are -

* red wine
* brandy
* brown sugar / clear honey
* hot water
* nutmeg, cloves, (sometimes allspice) and cinnamon sticks
* orange and lemon slices

- but the spice pouch Zoe Castillo brings for Benrime seems to suffice when immersed in heated red wine.

Zoë gives a bottle of mulled wine to Blind Bob so she can get information about Minstrum Magda.

In Funcom's 2003 'http//,323 Christmas card', the text informed us that mulled wine and roasted gipa are served at the Journeyman during the Winter Solstice in January.

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