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The Mother or White of the Draic Kin is the first of the Kin April meets, and apparently, aside from April, the only female member of the Kin. She lives on a majestic cliffside somewhere in Arcadia, in a nest beside a great tree. When April dreams about her, the Mother offers words of comfort but cautions April to be ready for the ordeal ahead. Captain Horatio Nebevay's vessel is also named the White Dragon (ship), possibly named after the Mother.

In the ''Scriptures of the Balance'', the story of the Stone Disk mentions the White Dragon. When the Disk was stolen from the Sentinel Enclave, the Mother intervened to stop the Sentinel rebels from removing it, despite being forbidden by the Sentinel Fathers. Presumably, the Mother was protecting the sanctity of the Tower, but she clearly had little faith in the Sentinel's ability to retrieve the Disk.

Although she is essentially a gentle soul, the White of the Kin, like all mothers, is also fully prepared to fight to defend her children. A book in the Enclave Library called ''The Silver Spear of Gorimon'' also reveals how fierce the White Kin can be. It tells the tale of the Parech of Gorimon who wanted to marry the daughter of the White Kin, 'the most beautiful creature in all the worlds'. When the White Kin refused, the Parech was furious, and ordered the forging of a great spear using magical silver that might be capable of killing one of the Kin. Cooled in the blood of the unfortunate smith who made it, the spear injured the White Dragon but didn't kill her. Enraged, the White Dragon laid waste to the Parech's Bakshevan Empire.

Also, the Wood Spirit speaks of how the Mother battled 'black Chaos', meaning the Chaos Vortex, a battle so intense that it split the very rock of the mountain.

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It seems that the role of Mother is something the White Dragon carried for only a certain period of time. She tells April that "I am the Mother of what is; but you, you are the Mother of a future that may yet be." Later, towards the end of the story when April realises her true identity and finds the White of the Kin lying in her nest, weak and near death, the Mother tells April "The Mother is eternal, but I am not." Wishing that she could have seen her children grow up, the Mother perishes, and her body fades away. As she vanishes, the egg in the nest hatches.

The White Kin has had at least two children; April, and the White Dragon reborn who hatches from her egg and whom April calls 'sister', though the story of the Silver Spear implies there may have been others.

The Alatien Teller tells April that "the Kin are secretive, they keep to themselves." In the Mother's case, this seems to ring particularly true; unlike the Old God, who is worshipped by the Maerum, or Jacob McAllen's corporate and religious ambitions in Stark, the White Kin lives high above the world, separate from the other Kin and everyone else, her only interest being to protect and guide her children.

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