Morpheus (Dreamfall chapter)

''Chapter Six''


The elevator rises through WATI City, carrying Zoe with it. The doors finally open at the top of the building, and Zoë steps out into a lush Arboretum full of exotic plants and animals. As she wanders through it, she sees a man - or what used to be a man. His body is grotesquely melded with machinery. Despite his appearance, he is shocked to see Zoë and orders her to leave, unconvincingly. Zoë sees that this man is hooked up to the Wire. The man is angry with Zoë because he thinks she's in league with the Faith from Zoë's visions. According to him, this girl is clouding his senses.

Under her questioning, this man realises she is friends with Reza Temiz, "that pompous shit", and gleefully tells Zoë that Reza is dead, that he 'ate' Reza's dreams. Zoë is furious and refuses to believe him. As she threatens to pull out the cables connecting him to the machines, the Twins, who the man describes as his 'pets', appear in the Arboretum and chase Zoë she manages to escape them by running through a maintenance door and being carried to the ground hanging off a maintenance bot, landing safely in a dumpster outside.

As she dusts herself off she gets a call from Damien Cavanaugh. She reassures him that she's okay, and he offers to let her rest at his apartment for the night.

FileDreamfall_ShadowGuide.jpg Back in Marcuria, April has returned to the Journeyman Inn and is talking to Na'ane about her discovery. Na'ane is very disturbed by it, especially as the Dream Vortex is right underneath the Azadi Tower. She wants to investigate on her own account. Meanwhile, April is pondering what these events could mean for her. She feels as if something is happening in the two worlds again, and she's getting drawn into it, despite having firmly moved on from her old life. Benrime Salmin confirms April's own suspicions April needs advice on her role, advice that can only be given by the Guardian of the Balance. But April can't simply Shift to the Guardian's Realm. She needs help and decides she needs to find the Mother.

As the women are talking, Brian Westhouse walks into the Journeyman Inn. April is astonished to see him, and Brian offers a greeting. Since the Tyren invasion he's been away from Marcuria, travelling across Arcadia, but he's back in town for a few days. (He claims he's getting an 'old debt' repaid tomorrow so he can pay his bar tab, but Benrime isn't convinced.) From Brian, April learns that the White Dragon is at the Dark People's Library. His arrival seems a little fortuitous, but she isn't going to refuse the help.

April cuts through Oldtown heading to Shady Quay, looking for a ship to the Library. On the way she passes a stall and is more than a little surprised to see that the proprietor is Roper Klacks, an old enemy. But Klacks is actually pleased to see her and thanks her for the sound defeat ten years ago he's turned his life around since then, even becoming an author. April's too preoccupied to chat for long. She goes down to Shady Quay and sees a Shadow Ship is docked there, but the Shadowguide refuses to take her on as a passenger. They're only in Marcuria to trade for rare books and written materials. April tells him she is a Wave, the title the Dark People gave her ten years ago, but the Shadowguide says that if she was a Wave, she isn't any more, and refuses to let her aboard. April offers the last copy of Roper Klacks' book, Farewell to My Wizardin' Days, and its rarity is enough to buy her way.

Meanwhile, in Hokkaido, Stark, Damien is inviting Zoë to make herself at home at his place. He tells her there's no evidence Reza is dead, and the man in the Arboretum was just trying to get to her. Damien says there's an urban legend at WATI that the original founder of the company is still alive. His name is Alvin Peats. Zoë says he was sad and pathetic, that the Static terrified him. She offers to get a hotel, but Damien says she's welcome to stay there. There's some tension between them, but Zoë is happy to stay with him.

Alchera - Destiny
===Themes & References=== While the chapter title no doubt also refers to the drug Morpheus which is employed to assist usage of the Dreamer Console, it is also the name of the Roman god of dreams. In this latter sense it may refer to Peats who, seemingly in control of Project Alchera, is a dark master of dreams. Ragnar has http// gone on record as saying that one of the main influences for TLJ and Dreamfall is Neil Gaiman's Sandman series of comics, in which the eponymous hero was known by the name Morpheus in ancient times. {{DF Chapters}} ruГлава шестая Морфей CategoryDreamfall CategoryChapters