Morning Star

The Morning Star is a MTI-owned space station to which April travels by shuttle on her way to the Guardian's Realm due to its proximity to the entrance it is fixed in geostationary orbit directly above Newport. Here she discovers Adrian, and travels with him to the Guardian's Realm, unaware that they are followed by Gordon Halloway. The Morning Star is a Colonies stop-off point where colonists, newly shipped up from Earth, wait for transports to whatever planet they've been assigned to. It is full of bars, casinos and Madam Joy's Pleasure Suites, because as April points out, they won't need money where they're going.

The station is heavily secured by OmniTek guards, probably because this is the point where families would be separated and riots break out as a consequence. The Morning Star seems to have been the site of some kind of oppression in 2204, as a song released the same year by Royn Dale - 'Those Sons Of Bitches With Blood On Their Boots' - was written in memory of the "Morning Star Exile", the precise details of which are never provided. Given that it seems many people are tricked into colonial servitude, it may be that this caused a popular uprising.

==Behind the Scenes==
The Videos for TLJ opened with the last stanza of wikipediaWilliam Blake's 'The Land of Dreams' (1800-1804)

''Father, O Father, what do we here''

''In this land of unbelief and fear''

''The Land of Dreams is better far,''

''Above the light of the Morning Star.''

- http// Pickering Manuscript (1807)

A Morning Star also features in Funcom's first MMO ''Anarchy Online''. This space station orbits the planet Rubi-Ka (discovered by the corporation Omni-Tek on the 3rd of September 28702), and serves as the character creation area for all player characters before they are sent down to the planet where gameplay begins.

The Morning Star is an archaic name for Venus, as it is the last celestial body visible in the morning (and the first in the evening - thus its other appellation "Evening Star"). The Romans referred to this body as ''Luciferus'' ('light-bringer').

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