ImageMonastery.png(Christer Sveen)
Tibetan Buddhist monastery in which Brian Westhouse undergoes a ritual to travel to Arcadia. Given Brian's fall into a snowdrift in a harsh blizzard from which 'Cortez' had to pull him, the lofty height visible on the ''Dreamfall'' title-screen and the concept art of its exterior, the monastery appears to be in a forbidding location.

Despite its thick walls the monastery is relatively small; no doubt the remoteness of its location means there are few visitors. There is a larger, rectangular living area that undoubtedly also has a communal eating room. Attached to the building by a corridor filled with wikipediaPrayer wheel is a circular prayer room in which the ritual takes place, with a round dais in the centre. The dais is covered in oil lamps, incense burners, votive dishes full of herbs, and candles.

Brian says that the Superior Lama has "opened a world of mysteries" to him and goes barefoot within the monastery walls in TLJ he told April he spent 3 months there, and evidently he became quite comfortable in that time. Given Cortez's knowledge of Arcadia and help pulling Brian from the snowdrift, it seems it was he who originally directed Brian to the monastery.

When Brian prepared to travel to Arcadia, he left his journal behind, "in the hope it will serve as a map for someone else". He also left his backpack, saying he wouldn't need it where he was going.