Modern Dream Phenomena

Also 'dream sickness'

The condition known as Modern Dream Phenomena, or MDP, is the possible cause of a global epidemic of violent crime, mental illness and social apathy in Chronology Stark, affecting nearly 20% of Earth's population. It was outlined in a FACT machine news item that never made it into TLJ proper, but is accessible in the Hallway - FACT node of the TLJ resource tree when using TLJ Viewer.

According to the news item, symptoms of MDP range from "difficulty to sleep, a decreased ability to tell waking life from dreams, sleepwalking and -talking, to anxiety attacks and schizophrenia". The cause of MDP is unknown - though the number of sufferers has massively increased over the last ten years - and there is currently no cure. Many characters in TLJ, among them Fiona and Mickey, speak of odd dreams and strange occurrences; Newport is said to have one of the highest numbers of MDP sufferers. MDP may be either the scientific community's attempt to explain the 'leakage' from Arcadia into Stark, or the condition may be a symptom of an even larger problem.

The dream theme is supposedly taken up in Dreamfall (hence the name), and this is possibly an intended forward reference to tie the games together thematically.

After viewing early Dreamfall footage, some fans believed that the subjects in the Victory Hotel were suffering from MDP.ruФеномен Нового Сна
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