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FileMira_concept.jpg'''Mira''' is the co-owner of the Pandemonium garage where she seemingly is in the business of refurbishing used bots together with her partner and childhood friend Wit. Hailing from Bombay originally, Mira still exhibits a certain Hindi accent.

Her relationship with her partner is complicated to say the least. She presumably picked him up on the streets of Bombay and protected him from any harm. Still she showers him with the worst insults humanly possible. Mira doesn't differentiate much between people in her verbal abuse though; she picks any weakness she sees and lets her foul mouth run wild. Her angered soliloquies are interspersed with Hindi curses aimed at anyone in her reach (the suffix "''-chod''", meaning "fucker", usually follows an affix denoting members of the family; the word "''Kutriya''" means "dog" and Mira uses it liberally whenever Zoë Maya Castillo's around).

FileMira_and_Wit_ingame_preprealpha.jpg, taken from the Kickstarter November 2013 development update (). This is an ingame shot from a build presumably current at that time, perhaps the build used for focus testing.

==Behind the scenes==
In keeping with the stated 'cyberpunk' theme for Stark and especially Europolis, Mira appears to sport several cybernetic modifications at least one of her eyes, data-jacks in her neck, a small hatch in her cheek, and several cables running over her shoulder.

The character bio given for Mira revealed during the Kickstarter campaign mentioned the Burns Flipper was part of her empire but, so far as we know, he died in TLJ.http//www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/02/22/stark-contrasts-dreamfall-chapters-cyberpunk-city/ Rock Paper Shotgun - Mira revealed If this is true, but he simply ''used'' to be part of her empire, the chronology is weird he died in 2209, but Mira is in her mid-20's in 2220. While it's possible she is now 26, it seems unlikely she would be in command of an international criminal network at the age of 15.

In fact, the correctness of Mira's whole original Kickstarter description is doubtful. More than a few things seemed to have changed during the development process. If she has in fact "founded a thriving criminal empire", it seems odd how threatening a single bad purchase appears to her business; the formerly introduced TLJ characters Mira supposedly is in contact with are both dead.

* The name Mira has various meanings in different languages, including, 'fate', 'wonder', 'light', 'boundary' and others. Her name means 'merry' in Hindi, which is ironic given her personality.http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mira_(given_name)

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