==The Longest Journey==

A Minstrum is an initiate of the Sentinel. The middle of three ranks, it comes after the Istrum, and is followed by the Vestrum, the highest degree.

This title is held by both Father Raul and Minstrum Yerin in The Longest Journey, and a Minstrum Elyak  is attested as the author of ''Secrets of the Draic Kin''. Minstrums appear to be the 'active' arm of the Sentinel who carry out day-to-day duties.

The word is probably derived from English minister (Gr. diakonos).


In Dreamfall we also encounter Minstrum Magda . It now also appears to be a term synonymous with the Sentinel, no doubt as the Minstrum make up the greater part of their ranks.

In her conversation with Kian Alvane, April Ryan sarcastically tells him to ask a Sentinel Minstrum what they think of the Azadi occupation - "if you can find one.".

Crow also mentions a drink called the Merry Minstrum's Yellow Fire. It is probably a kind of whiskey and is served - to talking birds, anyway - in thimbles. The name is possibly the Arcadian equivalent of 'the Merry Monk', a common name for British pubs as Christian monks from Stark were famous in the Middle Ages for their vineyards and barley crops.
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