Minstrum Magda

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= Minstrum Madga
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= http//www.imdb.com/name/nm0232701/ Deirdre Donnelly
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= Half Human, half Zhid
= South Gate Market
= Dreamfall= Minstrum Magda as she appears in Dreamfall= Female}}{{TemplateQuote, not anymore...}}One of the few remaining Sentinel in Marcuria, Magda spends most of her time by the South Gate, running a soup kitchen for the homeless (Crazy Clara is one of her customers). Magda is half human, half Zhid http//www.twitch.tv/redthreadgames/b/370112870 Dreamfall playthrough - Half Zhid (43250).

Her status as a Minstrum is kept secret from the religiously intolerant Azadi, so she is not happy that Benrime Salmin sends Zoë Castillo looking for her. However, Magda does want to help Zoë, and suggests that she visit an Artisan in the Magic Ghetto for help in returning to Stark.

Magda's gender problematises the Sentinel's other name in TLJ as the "Fathers", which is probably why they have been provided with the alternative "Minstrum" to indicate all Sentinel rather than just those of middle rank.


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