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= Female}}{{Quote?}}Co-owner of the Border House and Fiona's girlfriend, Mickey is quite shy and self-effacing, unlike the bubbly, friendly Fiona. She takes charge of the building's maintenance, especially fixing the rusty water pipes. From her accent, it sounds as if Mickey is a native of Newport.

Whereas most people in Venice are eager to talk about the odd goings-on, Mickey seems to find it much more frightening. Fiona tells April at the beginning of the game that Mickey woke her up in the middle of the night, screaming, and wouldn't go back to sleep until Fiona had made her a cup of herbal tea. Sympathetic to someone suffering from nightmares, April does try to broach this subject with Mickey, but she refuses to talk about it. This conversation was apparently playable in an earlier iteration of the game, as it is accessible through the TLJ Viewer, and it turns into an argument involving Fiona as well. April and Mickey also have a conversation about there being hot water again; April questions just why they need hot water during the heatwave, but Mickey doesn't really have an answer for that.

Mickey inadvertently helps April out at a crucial moment. When the Vanguard come to the Border House at the end of the game, she walks in wanting to know what's happening, distracting the soldiers so April can escape.

Mickey is voiced by Stephanie Garry.

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