Marcus Crozier

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}} ImageMarcusTLJ.jpg== The Longest Journey == Friend of Emma, student at VAVA, patron of the Fringe Cafe, and fan of Royn Dale. It was Marcus who took the picture of April with Emma and Charlie at Florence Park. Although uncredited, Ragnar Tornquist has since revealed that he recorded the few lines spoken by Marcus. ==Dreamfall== Marcus - whose surname is revealed to be 'Crozier' - reappears as supervisor of the sinister experiments at the Border House. According to Charlie while Marcus used to be a nice guy he got into Amathin in a big way, and is now a very different man. Marcus now works for WATI, on work release from jail. He has been living in April's old room and runs into Zoe Castillo when she is guided there by Faith. In one conversation option he acts aggressively towards Zoë and she punches him in the nose. It is never explained why he is living in April's room, which remains relatively untouched compared to the rest of the Border House. He keeps his clothes in her old wardrobe, and Zoë finds an old picture of April, Emma, and Charlie (which Marcus probably took) tossed in the bottom of it. Curiously, this picture has slight differences to the one in TLJ. Perhaps Marcus kept his own picture for nostalgia's sake. He agrees to help Zoë find Reza Temiz for 1 000 Yuan although, when she arranges to get him into the exclusive Fringe Cafe to meet later, he admits that he would have accepted that as payment enough. But Marcus double-crosses Zoë, possibly after reporting to WATI, and leads the Twins to her instead; an encounter which ends in them forcibly hooking Zoë to a Dreamer Console. Marcus has not been seen since.ruМаркус Крозье CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryDreamfall CategoryStark CategoryCharacters CategoryDreamfall Characters CategoryThe Longest Journey Characters