{{Quote, and they are right, but it is a diamond in the rough. A city this size can never be flawless... There are always shadows, and people who hide in them. Lately the shadows have grown, and darkened, and I fear for the future. But Marcuria is still a wonderful place to live. |Vestrum Tobias}}
ImageMarcuria birdseye.jpg's eye view of Marcuria
Marcuria is the the vibrant, affluent capital of Ayrede, the Unified Country, on the southern coast of the Northlands, halfway between Tyren and Corasan. Marcuria is a sprawling, great city, large and old enough that even its own citizens sometimes have problems giving directions to strangers.

==The Longest Journey==
A good description is given in ''Travels in the Northlands''.

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ImageX-marcurua3.jpg, spanning 20 000 years (its history thus preceding the creation of the Balance by at least 7 800 years, given that Travels in the Northlands was written some time during Lord Ygvan Dellan's acting as Chief Council). After a rapid rise, its initially expansionist behaviour caused it to be struck down by the surrounding countries. A slow rebuild and a more defensive attitude followed, with Marcuria making its way toward becoming the great port and cultural capital it is today. Its size and location on the coast makes it an important port, and many people of different races travel though and sometimes spend time in the city. Merchants, traders, adventurers and pilgrims from all four continents travel there.

Until about five centuries ago, there was river running through Marcuria and into the ocean. However, it disappeared and the reasons for this have never been uncovered. It is spanned by the Rose Bridge, just off Ayrede Avenue.

Marcuria provides some protection for the nearby villages and farmlands, but it is not leading an expansionist policy as it did in its early years. It is surrounded by a huge wall and its enormous harbour can keep the city safe from siege.

Trade in the city is divided into several guilds, including the Guild of Merchants and the Guild of Tourism. Marcuria has a comfortable trading relationship with other nearby states, including Ge'en.

There is an uneasy relationship between the human and Dolmari residents of Marcuria, with Karek warning April to steer clear of the Dolmari neighbourhood.

=== Locations ===
Marcuria boasts the impressive Temple of the Balance, with a huge marketplace in the temple courtyard. Huge galleons throng the harbour that brings the city its wealth, and visitors often end up at the famous Journeyman Inn. On the outskirts to the west is Brian Westhouse's bungalow, while to the east is the Sentinel Enclave, a safehouse for artefacts and the famous Sentinel Library. North of Marcuria is the dense Riverwood.

== Dreamfall ==
{{Quote. Marcuria has become a very dangerous place for people like yourself. For me, too, but I belong here. You do not."
"You think? I just want to go home."
"And so you should, with haste. There's no adventure to be had here, not any more.|Minstrum Magda and Zoë Castillo}} At the time of Dreamfall, ten years since April's arrival, Marcuria has changed dramatically. The city suffered under the occupation of the Tyren, but was liberated by the technology-using Azadi, who have brought wealth and peace, though they are now planning to make Marcuria their foothold in the Northlands. The Temple of the Balance has been demolished and the huge Azadi Tower raised in its place, with the Azadi army camp filling the courtyard until the completion of the Barracks. Market stalls now cluster around the city gates, though for more exotic materials, buyers need to visit the Magic Ghetto. The Journeyman Inn is still open, though the upper floor is being used as a hideout for April Ryan's Rebels, and the harbour remains even though many of the piers have now gone. Brian Westhouse left his home to the Tyren during their invasion, and went travelling (though he does return during Dreamfall). We learn of several new street names too, including Crab Bend and Burrow Crook. There have been more unsettling changes the changes in Marcuria's economic fortunes mean that, like Venice, there are now more homeless people like Blind Bob and Crazy Clara sheltering in the streets, though some have benefited from the Azadi presence, and grown rich. Friar's Keep has been effectively taken over by the Azadi to house their political prisoners before they are shipped off to Sadir. There are also large steam-powered machines installed on many of the buildings, courtesy of the Azadi; April says she doesn't know what purpose they serve, but that she thinks it's the first stage of Arcadia ending up just like Stark. Azadi Cloudships also fill Marcuria's skies according to Brian Westhouse some of them serve as a postal service, although the city apparently hasn't graduated to letter boxes just yet. There are some Banda in the Ghetto, and a woman in the city mentions having lived in the farmlands near 'the woods', so Riverwood has presumably survived. In the The Longest Journey, Fiona joked that one of the things she and Mickey had in common was their love of classic English country inns "with suggestive names like 'The Lazy Cock'." Several of the pubs and taverns in Marcuria actually now have names like this (including 'The Salty Seaman' and 'The Cock and Puss'.) We also discover that there are enormous caves beneath Marcuria, filled with ruins and ancient machinery, which are home to Grubbers wandering the Catacombs. Therefore, it seems this area has been settled before, if not by humans. April's discoveries beneath Marcuria hint that the city may have many secrets left to uncover. {{Marcurianav}} ruМеркурия CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryDreamfall CategoryArcadia CategoryLocations CategoryDreamfall Chapters