Male Guest

{{Infobox character
= Male Guest 
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= Male
= House of All Worlds
= The Longest Journey
= http// Kevin Merritt}}The Male Guest is, along with the Female Guest, one of the two listeners to Lady Alvane's The Longest Journey.

These two appear to be travelers who have stopped at Alvane's home - the House of All Worlds - to hear the old woman tell one of her stories. They are dressed in old-fashioned clothing that would not be out of place in Arcadia.

Despite April's having entered the House through some kind of pseudo-Shift, the two guests tell Alvane "We'll find our way out ourselves".

In TLJ Viewer, the male guest is also referred to as "arkadianmale" and "arkadianman", although this description as 'Arcadian' would not seem to make sense in the context of the finished story.

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