Magical Races

==The Longest Journey==
A phrase usually used to refer to the five races of Arcadia who were entrusted with pieces of the Stone Disk; namely, the Venar, the Banda, the Dark People, the Maerum and the Alatien. Vestrum Tobias told April that, at the time of the Divide, the choice as to which world the magical races would go was simple, as they needed the Magic of Arcadia and would not survive in Stark.

Although there are many other races in Arcadia - such as the Dolmari, the Stickmen, the Orlowol or the Sunriders - the folk entrusted with the Disk seem to have particular gifts, like the arcane magic of the Dark People or the 'earth-singing' abilities of the Banda. This might be why the fragments were entrusted to them in particular, as they are better placed to protect them than the others.

In ''Dreamfall'', the magical races have become referred to derisively as 'Magicals' by the Azadi and ostracised from Marcurian society. These now include the Zhid, Samare and all Magic users.
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