Magic Ghetto

AKA Oldtown.

The Magic Ghetto is an area in the southern quarter of Marcuria that the Azadi have turned into a dumping ground for all the Magicals of the city. This includes non-human races such as Dolmari, Banda, Samare and Zhid, and anyone who wields or deals in magic, such as Artisans and the Alchemist Roper Klacks, who has a potions stall there. Some members of the Sentinel may also be there, in hiding. Benrime Salmin comments that the Azadi fear magic because they cannot control it, and formed the Ghetto in an attempt to assert this control in Marcuria; another symbol of this control is Friar's Keep.

The Ghetto is frequently raided by Azadi soldiers. April Ryan says people are often woken in the middle of the night and hauled away from their homes and families, because the Ghetto is thought to be home to many Rebels. When there are problems, routes through the Ghetto are closed while the Azadi investigate, often causing traffic to back up around the winding streets (as Zoë witnesses on Burrow Crook).

The Ghetto's existence means there are far fewer non-humans wandering around Marcuria, but it has become a vibrant part of the city in its own right, due to the sheer diversity of the people who live there. There is a blue fire in the middle of the market, which has apparently been burning for a 1000 years.


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