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Queen of the Third City of the Maerum, Enlightened Keeper of the Tanyenn, Protector of the Light.

Like their cousins, the Alatien, the Maerum are a matriarchal society. Their females are warriors and hunter-gatherers; presumably the Queen is too, or used to be. The Queen tells April that it is her task to serve their people, to light their cities, to provide food for their men and children and to protect them from the Snapjaw. Aside from the one that dragged April down into the ocean, she is the only Maerum April encounters.

April meets the Queen when she is exploring the Third City after initially being put in the Landwalker's Bubble, but cannot understand her until she consumes a Golden Pearl. The Queen tells April what her new role as a Gatherer entails, about Tanyenn, the Maerum's war with the Alatien, and relates the legend of the Waterstiller. She also gives April one of the Crystal, which April later uses to power the altar in the Ancient Shrine, as well as the Waterstiller's harpoon. However, the Queen refuses to discuss the religion of the Maerum or their "sleeping god", saying it is forbidden for any non-Maerum even to speak of him. When April reveals the true relation of the Maerum and the Alatien, the Queen is horrified, but after some convincing, becomes determined to lead her people in ending the war.

When April makes contact with the Alatien and arranges a meeting between the two races, the Queen comes as the Maerum's representative. Once the Maerum Stone and the Alatien Stone have been reunited, the Queen agrees to take April to see the Old God.

Nicole Orth-Pallavicini provided the voice for this character.

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