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'''Malkuth Technologies Incorporated''' is almost as large a corporation as Bokamba/Mercer. Its headquarters - one of the largest MTI Building in Newport - are reached via Grendel Avenue. The front desk is staffed by Gerold Rosenberg.

MTI is owned by the Church of Voltec, which is in turn a front for the Vanguard; therefore Jacob McAllen is its CEO. MTI is immensely powerful, and absolutely ruthless; at the age of eighteen Burns Flipper had his legs removed by MTI goons in retaliation for cracking into their computer system. Cortez says that they "own planets. They own armies." Therefore, like Bokamba/Mercer, MTI might also sponsor survey ships looking for inhabitable worlds they already own the Morning Star space station, which explains Adrian's presence in its secret prison. MTI appears also to focus on genetic engineering, as can be seen in McAllen's development of the Warrior Shifters.

When April sees the MTI logo on the reception desk in MTI's lobby - a crossed-out circle - she wonders if it symbolises the destruction of the Balance.

* wikipediaMalkuth is one of the ''sephirot'' on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah. Its name means 'kingdom' and, according to its Wikipedia article, "some occultists have also likened Malkuth to a cosmic filter, which lies above the world of the Qliphoth, or the Tree of Death, the world of chaos which is constructed from the imbalance of the original sephirot in the Tree of Life."
* The foyer of the MTI building is based on that of the http// department of Information Retrieval in Terry Gilliam's surreal 1985 film ''Brazil''.

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