MTI Building

"Certainly. See that huge, massive, towering building over there?}}Located in the upper levels of Newport, the Malkuth Technologies Incorporated building is the headquarters of the Church of Voltec, also known as the Vanguard, and where Jacob McAllen bases his operations of creating mutant Warrior Shifters. While the building is the nominal corporate headquarters, the corporation itself is actually run by the Vanguard. Inside, April is confronted by Gerold Rosenberg at MTI's imposing reception, and after a bit of subterfuge manages to gain access to the upper floors. These include Jacob McAllen's office and private laboratory, and a helipad on the roof. The MTI lobby bears a startling resemblance to the Guardian's chamber in the Tower. The MTI Building is the scene of several revelations about the Draic Kin and April's place in the world.ruЗдание МТК CategoryLocations CategoryStark CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryThe Longest Journey Locations