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= Female
= Watilla
= Reza's apartment
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Lucia is Reza Temiz's Watilla, who is devoted both to him and to Zoë Castillo. She appears to be a more advanced Watilla than Wonkers, and helps Reza by keeping the password for his safe. When Zoë returns to Reza's apartment after her arrest, Lucia rushes to greet her, but is attacked by a security Spider the EYE leaves behind. Zoë borrows some components from Wonkers - a Watilla brain and Watilla power source to repair her, and retrieve Reza's notepad from his safe.

If Zoë elects to return the components to Wonkers, she tells Lucia to power down while she removes them, knowing she might not have the parts to restore her for a long time. Lucia asks if she'll dream about Reza while she's asleep.

Lucia is voiced by Maryke Hendrickse.

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