''Chapter Two''
===   Summary   ===

FileZoe Dreamfall Interrogation.png"State your name and CID number for the record." Zoe is now in a sterile interrogation room, undergoing questioning. Whatever she tries, Zoë learns little of what is going on, only that the EYE is looking for Reza Temiz and she is not to leave Casablanca without their permission. When she is finally released, Zoë goes home and tries to get in touch with Reza, but with no luck. Her father is also in a meeting, and she's on her own.

To her surprise, Wonkers starts reminiscing with her about a trip Zoë and Reza took to Europolis where Zoë bought Reza an antique lighter. This turns out to be an automatic message from Reza, just in case. He tells Zoë not to worry, but asks her to get his electronic notepad from the safe in his apartment, and give it to his editor if he's in trouble. His Watilla, Lucia, has the codes for the safe, and "you-know-who" should be able to decrypt the notepad.

Distraught, Zoë goes to see "you-know-who". Olivia DeMarco is surprised and sympathetic to hear what happened, and offers her help getting through an 'EYE seal' on Reza's apartment door. Using Liv's hack, Zoë gets inside, only to find a Spider has been left to guard it. Unfortunately, as soon as Lucia sees Zoë, she rushes across the room towards her... and gets hit with a jolt from the Spider. With Olivia's help, Zoë deals with the Spider, either with a shutdown code or by luring it into Reza's shower, then turns her attention to poor Lucia. With components from Liv - and a guilt-laden request of Wonkers - Zoë gets enough Watilla parts to repair her, and Lucia opens the safe for Zoë. The notepad is safely inside.

However, as soon as Zoë retrieves it, she is attacked again, this time by two Twins, armed with knives. One slams Zoë against a wall, but then they seem to receive a message, release her, and leave without a word. Shaken, Zoë takes Reza's notepad to Olivia and gives it to her for decryption. (At this point Zoë can also return the components she took from Wonkers, which gives an extra scene with him at the end of the game.)

Liv discovers that the most recent entries of the notepad have been rigged for easy discovery, a clue for the girls to follow. The entry simply reads 'Venice, Newport. The Fringe. Charlie.' Zoë says that she's heading to Newport, despite Liv's objections, as Reza is probably there. Olivia says she will stay in Casablanca to keep decrypting the notepad. Once Zoë has fetched her backpack from home, she's ready to take the Vactrax to Newport.

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=== Themes & References === While the Lost of the title undoubtedly refers to Reza's disappearance, it probably also refers either to one of Ragnar's favourite television shows ''Lost'', or favourite films, ''Lost In Translation''. {{DF Chapters}} ruГлава вторая Пропавший CategoryDreamfall CategoryChapters