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= The Longest Journey}}{{TemplateQuote, blasted alchemist cast a spell on me, turned me to solid rock. Then he put me here, to be gatekeeper and anchor for his blasted castle. That was near six full moons past now.}}

Lorhan is a sailor who was sent by his master to deal with Roper Klacks, but ended up being turned into solid rock, having his soul locked in the Soulstone, and becoming the gate keeper and anchor to the Floating Castle. Lorhan is of a humanoid race we are given no detail on while he has the long, jutting-out ears of the statues on Alais, he lacks the blue skin of the Dolmari and instead has a pale pinkish colouring. He also seems to be covered in fine grey hair.

April Ryan manages to soften Lorhan's face with some moisturizer, enough to talk to him and realise he's been there for six months already. Lorhan is sadly resigned to the fact his wife has probably moved on to someone else by now. He appears to have been swayed by the rhetoric of the Vanguard, and blames the Balance for taking control over magic and science out of the hands of the people. He says that without it, there wouldn't be any rogue Alchemists like Klacks. Lorhan tells April he's not the only captive there, that Klacks has captured dozens of people, and the only way to free them is by smashing the Soulstone.

When Klacks is sucked into the calculator, the spell rooting Lorhan to the ground is broken, and the castle begins floating away, leaving him dangling on the end of the chain he's attached to. Smashing the Soulstone causes Lorhan's petrification to be broken as well, as the freed winds blow the castle back towards Marcuria, leaving him in a very precarious position. Thankfully Lorhan manages to let go before the castle crashes into the hills, and has a safe landing in the farmlands outside the city.

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