Konstantin Wolf

'''Konstantin Wolf''', also known under the derogatory nickname ''"Kaiser Konstantin"'', is the founder and leader of European Dawn, a nationalist party sworn to restoring the mythical Europe of old; a prosperous continent removed from corporate rule, with old borders reinstated between states.

A rightwing populist and a charismatic orator, Wolf has built up an impressive fiction around himself as a strong, uncompromising leader who will clean up the widespread corporate corruption that has been plaguing Europolis' politics under Dieter Gross' term as Chancellor. This rhetoric that has found resonance with many of the more discontented citizens of Europolis, which has given Wolf status as one of the two prime candidates for the Chancellor post in the 2220 Europolis elections, the other being the social-democrat Lea Umińska.

Many of Wolf's opponents, however, sees him as two-faced opportunist and fascist, and he is widely suspected of receiving money under the table from the very same corporations he publicly decries as the cause of Europolis' troubles.

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