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A depressed young man, probably a WATI employee, waiting outside the WATI Museum for his fiancee, Yuriko. Zoë Castillo can chat to him while she's looking for a ticket to ride the cable car. He's quite frustrated with waiting out there for so long, and if provoked even slightly, he will give up, tear up his ticket, and leave. However, with a little gentle persistence, Zoë can get the whole story.

Kenji thinks he's been neglecting Yuriko lately, but it isn't his fault his supervisor at work has been riding him too hard. He want to pay more attention to Yuriko, so he's made a date for them to go to the museum and talk. Zoë realises he obviously doesn't have a clue, and tells him he definitely should talk to Yuriko, but maybe somewhere a little more romantic than the WATI Museum. Just then Yuriko arrives, having been delayed by the Static, and Kenji tells his fiancee that he's taking her out to dinner instead. In gratitude for her help, he'll give Zoë both his and Yuriko's museum tickets, calling her his guardian angel.

Kenji is voiced by Brian Bloom.

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