One of Zoe Castillo's friends, studying at Cape Town University. Usually mentioned in connection with David. Zoë tells Reza Temiz that she misses both of them, but can't summon the will to go back to Cape Town and visit.

Katrina sends a message to Zoë out of the blue in the latter half of the game

FROM Katrina

SUBJECT Getting in touch

Zoë! What's up? How are things? We haven't heard from you in ages. Nothing much has changed down here. David still thinks he can surf (he can't), and Mr Chandramouli's lectures on molecular imaging are as dull as ever (duller, really, since you're not here to distract me). I really miss you! David and I have been talking about going up to Casablanca to see you. Wouldn't that be cool? Hope to hear from you very soon!



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