Karek Kreshar

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= The Longest Journey}}{{TemplateQuote! Get your fresh maps here! Buy two, get the second one half price!}}The maps merchant Karek Kreshar in the Marcurian Temple Marketplace sells maps of all sorts, "hand drawn in quality ink by skilled Sunriders. Ain't no better in all of the Northlands!". He has an ongoing quarrel with the Cups Handler in the stall across from his own for the past six years. The pair of them let few opportunities to insult each other go by. While more sympathetic to the Sentinel than his neighbour, Karek is still amenable to some of the Vanguard's ideas.

One of his regular customers is Brian Westhouse (known in Marcuria as The Rolling Man), who April desperately needs to find to get back to Stark. After he fires Ulen, his delivery boy, in April's presence, she seizes the opportunity to get a job delivering maps, hoping a delivery to Westhouse will come along. After weighing his options, Karek's greed gets the better of him (by hiring April, he won't have to pay the hiring fee to the Guild of Merchants), and he gives April the job and the delivery list, along with the first map.

As soon as April returns from delivering her final map to Tun Luiec at the Journeyman Inn, she goes back to the Maps stall where Karek promptly fires her, saying "You're the most incompetent delivery boy I've ever had!" It's the last time that we see him in The Longest Journey, as his stall is empty right before the Tyren invade Marcuria.

In Dreamfall Chapters, Zoe finds one of Karek's maps in City Green' abode, and she uses it to find the purple mountains.

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