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Kara is head of the Rebels council and the closest thing Swamp City has to a mayor. Kara was elected to her position "last Spring" and, given that the events of Dreamfall mostly take place towards the end of Winter, has held it for about a year. While not the 'leader' of the Rebels as such, Kara's position does rank her first among equals on their ruling council, and April notes that it "gives her a lot of say in how we use our people and resources." In the same way that April might be described as one of the Rebels' generals, Kara might be called their Commander in Chief.

When April runs into Kara she is talking to Jiran about the distribution of supplies among various Rebel camps, sending warm clothes to Snapjaw's Cove and herbal medicines for the lieutenants in Bunnvik to ration out to their groups.

She refuses April's request for a detachment of 12 Rebels to rescue Benrime from Azadi captivity (presumably at Friar's Keep in Marcuria, believing it too dangerous. Instead she promises to "sing her song at the tables tonight", arguing that Benrime knew the dangers of becoming involved with the Rebels.

Unlike April, she explains, she has faith in the Rebels' eventual victory over the Azadi, and it takes a certain fatalism to carry a suicidal loyalty such as April's. When April says she will ask for volunteers, Kara suggests that she might find herself on her own this time.

Presumably she co-ordinated the defence of the town against the Azadi assault.

Kara is played by Anna Savva.

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