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Kano is Sela's partner in crime, at least in their job at the JIVA offices. When Zoe Castillo arrives to collect a package for Reza Temiz, Kano is locking Helena Chang inside the lab airlock. He EMPs the door circuit, then, as Zoë approaches down the corridor, runs away. When Zoë and Chang try to leave the building, Chang realises the system has been tampered with and access to the floor has been blocked presumably Kano did it on his way out, maybe hoping the gas would leak out while the women were trapped and finish the job. Whether he released Sela from the storeroom or roused her after Zoë knocked her out, depending on her choices, is unclear.

Like Sela, Kano is not seen after the events at JIVA. It can only be presumed that the pair were hired by WATI.

Kano's name may have been inspired by the cyborg criminal from Midway's Mortal Kombat (1992).

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