Jardin des Roses

French for 'garden of roses', Jardin des Roses is the street in Casablanca where Zoe Castillo and her Gabriel Castillo live. Other residents include Zoë's friend Carlita and the Abazas. At one end is Alien the Cat, Olivia DeMarco's store; the other seems to lead towards central Casablanca where the industry towers - such as the Seshadri Industries - stand.

Jardin des Roses is a pleasant, winding street where many families live, running up and down steps over several levels and decorated with several window boxes full of flowers. It also retains the ancient yellow post boxes once used by the residents in the past; Zoë views these with suspicion, as no one really receives mail any more. Though the street is pretty, Zoë claims Jardin des Roses is "even less exciting than it sounds". Its French name is undoubtedly a remnant of colonial rule.ruЖардан де Росс
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